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Devon County Squash 2017

Squash Competitions & ResultsPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Thu, October 12, 2017 06:23:20
And so a fantastic weekend of Squash comes to an end. Thanks to all of you who played the Realistic sponsored Devon Squash County Champs at EGCC. It was a great event with some brilliant matches all the way through the draws. See below for all the Grade Final scores: Men's: E: Winner - Ryan Barrett Runner Up Ollie Parsons Score 3/2 D: Winner - Steve Lewis Runner Up Ben Hancock Score 3/2 C: Winner - Jack Hunter Runner Up Josh Smart Score 3/2 B: Winner - David Palmer Runner Up Jonathan Gliddon Score 3/0 A: Winner - Lyell Fuller Runner Up Mike Harris Score 3/2 Ladies: B: Winner - Alex Boughton Runner Up Natalie Albemarle 3/1 A: Winner - Natalie Lawrence Runner Up Emma Custance Baker Congratulations to all the winners (and from my part well done Lyell you absolute bugger.) Thank you all for playing Tessa Harris and I hope you enjoyed it and will hopefully see you all next time! Cheers Mike H

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AGM 2017

ChatPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Thu, June 22, 2017 11:27:24
The Devon SRA AGM will be held at Newton Abbot Squash Club on Thursday 29th June at 7pm.

Please remember there should be a representative for your club that attends.

We have just had the pre AGM meeting and at present there are no rule changes being taken to the AGM.

It was also decided at the meeting that this year the Devon Shield Competition will not run.
There were a lot of walkovers being given last year and therefore this year there will be no Qualifying round or Devon Shield.

The competitions will be:
Devon Cup & Plate in both Squash & Racketball.

As normal this will be the top 8 finishing clubs from last season.

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Devon Cup 2017

Devon Cup & ShieldPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Sat, April 08, 2017 09:55:25
The final of the Devon Cup was held on Friday 7th April 2017 at EGCC.
I would like to thank everyone who turned up to watch this event and all the players involved.

Also to Bob Hefford for all his work he does as the Chair of Devon SRA.
Thanks to all the markers on the night:
Phil Hancock, Paul Gregory and Mike Harris.
Also again to Mike for his help with sorting out the evening.

The Final was between EGCC v Fort Stamford.

(Match report by Jon Sharpe)

Devon Cup Final – April 7th 2017

Exeter Golf & Country Club Vs Fort Stamford

Venue - Exeter Golf & Country Club

Attendance – Full House!


1) Mike Harris Vs Mark Chapman

2) Mike Gregory Vs Jon Gallagher

3) Peter Joyce Vs Tony Tremain

4) Gary Bennett Vs Dominic Lyons

5) Reuben Morris Vs Duncan Hefford

Exeter Golf & Country Club hosted the 2017 Devon Cup Final, featuring a battle of the champions: 2016 League and Cup Winners, Fort Stamford Vs 2017 League Winners, Exeter Golf & Country Club.

The venue was set, the crowd were ready and the bar was already doing a roaring trade before the first match, Reuben Morris Vs Duncan Hefford, had even started! Both served up an absolutely fantastic spectacle of squash with the match always finely poised. In the end Reuben was able to open EGCC’s account with a hard fought 3-2 win, in what proved to be the match of the evening.

Next up was the evergreen Gary Bennett Vs the highly skilled Dom Lyons in another competitive match. With a 3-1 win, Gary moved the Golf Club within striking distance of the cup. Gary was keen to get off court as quickly as possible to start rehydrating with Topsail and Champagne – to celebrate his 30th birthday!

With the Golf Club now 2-0 up, Pete Joyce and Tony Tremain kicked off at the same time as Mike Gregory and Jon Gallagher. It was hard to know which game to watch. Both matches were very tight, with both poised at 1-1. Jon Gallagher played some fantastic, controlling, squash and despite the ‘Sheriff’s’ trademark holds and on court guile, Jon was able to hold on for a hard fought 3-1 win. With the Fort deservedly pulling it back to just 2-1 overall, Pete Joyce kept a cool head and wrapped up a 3-1 win, taking the Golf Club to an unassailable 3-1 lead on the night.

With the title already won, Mike Harris and Mark Chapman renewed rivalries at 1 string, with Mark arguably providing Mike’s sternest test of the season so far in a previous league match. Despite Mark’s best efforts and some creative commentary from match referee, Paul Gregory, he was unable to stop Mike from winning the match 3-0 and with it, the League and Cup double.

It was a great evening and a fitting advert for Devon squash, with the two standout teams of the season, and indeed the last 2 years, contesting the final. The fact that half of Plymouth bravely ventured to Exeter, made the night even more enjoyable and helped to create a superb atmosphere.

Thanks go to Bob Hefford, Alan Ford and the two guest referees for the evening, Phil Hancock and Paul Gregory – representing the Crediton Revolution!

Jon Sharpe
EGCC Squash Captain

Devon Cup being presented to EGCC by Bob Hefford (Chair)
Jon Sharpe, Reuben Morris, Peter Joyce, Rob Brown, Mike Gregory, Bob Hefford, Mike Harris, Gary Bennett.

Bob Hefford (Chair) presenting Rob Brown the Premier winners Cup.

Congratultaions to EGCC for winning the Premier League and also the Devon Cup.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

Alan Ford

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Devon Cup (Ladies) & Devon Cup Plate (Mixed)

Devon Cup & ShieldPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Thu, March 23, 2017 17:59:45
The finals of the Devon Cup (Ladies) & Devon Cup Plate (Mixed) were held on Wednesday March 22nd at Newton Abbot Squash Club.

I want to thank Newton Abbot for hosting the event and to Louise for producing a lovely buffet.
Thanks to Lee Curtis for helping me sort out this date at short notice for the mixed due to the team not being able to play on Friday 7th April with the Main Devon Cup Final.
A big thank you to the 4 referees on the night. Dean Clayton, David Mudge, Phil Hancock & Alison Samuel.

Devon Cup (Ladies):
Plymouth University v Newton Abbot

(Rerport by Alison Samuel)
The finals of the ladies Devon cup were played on 22 March 2017 at Newton Abbot, Plymouth university v Newton Abbot.

The final was a hard fought match with some excellent squash played. Plymouth University won for the second year running 3/2.

Newton Abbot started very well with a win for Sharon Brown at 5 winning against Emma Neudegg 3-1 (15/10 15/9 6/15 15/10)

Nicola Hardwick (Plymouth Uni) at 4 beat Emma Thomas 3-0 (15/11 15/9 15/13). Emma was very close to winning the third game but the accuracy of Nicolas’ game paid off in the end.

Florrie Smith (Plymouth Uni) at 3 was too powerful and consistent for Julie Stephens winning 3-0 (15/10 15/8 15/7)

There was another very accurate game from Lauren Williams (Plymouth Uni) at 2 beating Anne Scott 3-0 (15/5 15/5 15/9)

To finish the match Vicki Evans (Newton Abbot) at 1 played an excellent game beating Alex Boughton 3-0 (15/11 15/6 15/10)

(Plymouth University) being presented the Devon Cup by Alison Samuel (Ladies League Sec of Devon Squash)

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

Devon Cup Plate (Mixed):
Newton Abbot v Torquay
4th strings and 3rd Strings went on first.
Dan Gough (Newton) v Richard Crook. Dan fought well but Richard took the 1st win for Torquay 3-0.
Ben Sutton (Newton) v Kane Wilson. Kane started well taking the 1st game from Ben 12-10. Ben came back winning the match 3-1. Making the overall score 1-1.

Next on was 2nd Strings Chris Stanley (Newton) v Dave Palmer. The first 2 games both went 10-12 to Torquay. Dave then took the 3rd game to win 3-0. Taking Torquay in the lead 2-1.

Match of the night went to string 5's. Harry Senior (Newton) v Dominic Phillips. This was a very long match and went to 5 games.
Harry took the 1st and Dominic the 2nd. Harry took the 3rd making it 2-1. Dominic dug in and took the 4th to 10-10 and then won 12-10 making it 2-2.
The 5th was a very close game. Dominic got to 10-8 match ball and also championship ball. He couldn't get the next point and Harry managed to claw it back to 10-10 and then clinched it 12-10 winning 3-2 and making the overall score 2-2.

Last on were string 1s. Jarred London (Newton) v Stuart Perrett. Jarred took this match 3-0 giving the win to Newton Abbot 3-2.

Dan Gough (Newton Abbot) being presented the Devon Cup Plate by David Mudge (Hon Sec of Devon Squash)

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:


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Devon Shield 2017

Devon Cup & ShieldPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Sat, March 18, 2017 13:10:25
The finals of the Devon Shield were held on Friday March 17th at Fort Stamford Squash Club.

I want to thank Royston for hosting the event on behalf of Plymouth University and to the two markers who gave thier time up. Wes Cullen and James O'Neill.

The Final:
Plymouth University v Paignton

First to go on were the no1's. Luke Symer v Mark Bowey (Paignton). Mark went off very quickly, taking the 1st game 15/3. Luke warmed up but narrowly losing the 2nd game 12/15. Mark was too quick!!! for Luke winning the 3rd winning overall 3-0.

Next on was Cameron Green v Mark Griffiths (Paignton). The rallies were long but Cameron made a few more mistakes than Mark. Mark won 3-1 in the end.

Josh Taylor v Paul Garside (Paignton). Plymouth needed this to stay in the match. The 1st game was very close with Paul winning 15/13. The 2nd went 15/8 to Paul. Paignton only needed this game to seal the match victory. The 3rd match went the same way as the 2nd with Paul winning 15/8 winning 3-0 and giving Paignton the Devon Shield win.

2 more matches left, Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton) and Oscar Birch v Richard Birkett (Paignton).

Richard managed to reach most of the shots from Oscar. There were some very good rallies but Richard kept getting them back. Richard won 3-0.

Match of the night was Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton). Peter read the game very well and got to most of Julian's shots. The 1st match went to Peter 15/9 but the 2nd (15/13) & 3rd (15/12) went to Julian. Peter fought back to take the 4th game to make it 2-2. The 5th went to Peter to win 3-2.

Paignton winning 5-0 (20-3) overall.

Paignton team with Bob Hefford (Chair) presenting the Devon Shield.
Bob Hefford/Mark Griffiths/Mark Bowey/Paul Garside/Richard Birkett and kneeling Peter Reeve.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

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Devon Racketball Cup & Plate 2017

Devon Cup & ShieldPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Fri, March 10, 2017 21:15:40
The finals of the Devon Racketball Cup & Plate were held on Thursday March 9th at Newton Abbot Squash Club.

I want to thank Newton Abbot for hosting the event on behalf of Paignton Squash Club and to Louise for producing a lovely buffet.
A big thank you to the 3 referees on the night. Royston Sumner, Phil Hancock and Nigel Bell.

The Main Final:
Paignton Racketball v Culm Valley Racketball

Culm Valley started the tournament as a 9th seed. What an achievment getting to the Final!!!

The 1st string match went on first and was the closest match of the night. Richie Birkett (Paignton) v Paul Sandercock with a victory for Richie in the 5th 11/8.

Dave Hill (Paignton) won 3-1 v Duncan Lyon. Raul Martinez (Paignton) won 3-1 v Stuart Wilson. Graham Rogers (Paignton) won 3-0 v Tim Johns and the final match was Martin Glover (Paignton) v Mark Chattey.
Mark played well and was coming back in the 3rd match but Martin dug in to win 13-11 winning 3-0.
Paignton Racketball winning overall 5-0.

The Plate Final:
Sidmouth v Exeter Golf & CC

Man of the match and best match of the night Carl Sowden (Sidmouth) v Jon Sharpe at string 2. Carl almost beat Jon in a tight 5 game match. Jon winning the 5th 11/5.
Exeter Golf & CC brought thier best players down with Mike Harris playing at no1. Mike played Phil Borrett (Sidmouth). Phil hit some very good shots but Mike kept getting them back!!! In one rally Phil even managed to send Mike the wrong way! Mike was too strong for Phil and Mike won 3-0.
Robin Turl won 3-1 v Rob Cann (Sidmouth). Ryan Barrett won 3-0 v Nigel Desousa (Sidmouth) and Martyn Newberry won 3-0 v Graham Hay (Sidmouth).
Exeter Golf & CC winning overall 5-0.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

To view the Score Card please click below:

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Confirmed Devon County Closed Dates 2016-17 Season

Squash Competitions & ResultsPosted by Mike Harris Mon, July 04, 2016 15:05:48
Hi everyone,

We have been given the dates of the Devon County Closed weekends for the upcoming 2016-2017 Squash Season. Please see below for the respective events:

Juniors: September 24th and 25th 2016, at Exeter Golf and Country Club

Seniors: October 1st and 2nd 2016, at Exeter Golf and Country Club

Masters: January 21st and 22nd 2017, at Exeter Golf and Country Club

Entry forms and event details will be sent out for the Junior and Senior events in August, the Masters in November. Please contact Mike Harris at for any details or if you have any questions.

The Racketball County Champs will be run by Matt Baker, date and venue to be confirmed.

Many thanks

Mike Harris

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Devon Shield 2016

Devon Cup & ShieldPosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Tue, March 22, 2016 21:07:57
The Devon Squash Shield was held at Exeter Golf & Country Club on 18th March.

The Main competition was between Tiverton v EGCC.

EGCC team with the trophy presented by Bob Hefford. Tiverton team runners up.

Unfortunately there was not a plate this year as the other team could not raise a side. Therefore Dartington won it by a walkover.

Thanks also to Dean Clayton & Phil Hancock for marking and to James Temple (EGCC) for hosting the event.
I would also like to thank Bob Hefford (Chair) & his wife Jess for attending two of these events.
I would also like to thank my wife Jen for bringing me up to these events and it is nice that members of both teams took the time to talk to her and the other officials on the night.

Below are the results for the main event and congratulations to EGCC beating Tiverton 4 matches to 1.


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