Refereeing Q&A

Refereeing Q&A

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Dean Clayton has very kindly offered his services to answer your questions on refereeing and marking.

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Q&APosted by Alan Ford (League Secretary) Mon, May 09, 2011 00:14:01
Hi Dean,

I think I will start the ball rolling for the Q&A.

The question I have is how much talking can a player do on court during a match. If a player is constantly talking to his opponent after the rally has finished is that aloud?

I was marking a match and the player came off court after the first game complaining to me about his opponent talking after the rallies. I did not think the talking was excessive. Is there a limit to the amount before you need to ask the player to stop doing this.

I assume you are aloud a certain amount of banter between players.



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Posted by Dean Clayton Sun, May 29, 2011 10:17:18

As long as the second player wasn't upset by the chatting, I'd be inclined to let it go but as soon as there was a complaint, I'd mention it to the opponent and advise them to stop. If they then continued, I would deal with it under the code of conduct as it relates to unsporting conduct. I like to think that most players would get the message after a formal conduct warning but you could award one or more conduct strokes, a conduct game and even a conduct match if you felt there really was no other remedy. It would be a shame to end a match like that though and for such a relatively low level offence, I think conduct strokes should be the most you would give.